Analysis Reports

Analysis reports are long-form articles that give contributors the opportunity to develop the context of their research, approach and methodology. They can provide an in-depth analysis of the qualitative and quantitative data they collected on one specific aspect of European action in the MENA region. Contributors should also outline specific policy proposals, which arise from the results of their research.

Case Studies

Sine Qua Non aspires to assess the effectiveness of the European foreign policy approach in the MENA region, and the coherence of this approach with the Union’s proclaimed principles. In order to conduct a more comprehensive analysis, Sine Qua Non decided to undertake case studies for particular areas of concern with EU involvement where a sense of urgency is present along with systematic human rights violations. Below is a list of our ongoing case studies:


Each month, Sine Qua Non’s scientific director Julian Vierlinger will share an opinion piece on EU action in the MENA region.

Policy Briefs

Policy briefs are short-form articles that contain contributors’ main research findings and policy recommendations. They give researchers the opportunity to share their expertise on a particular topic regarding European action in a MENA country and to address relevant recommendations to policy makers.
Advocating for a coherent  European foreign policy in the MENA region
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